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Our office is located at
362 Huffman Avenue
(on the edge of the historic Huffman District)
Dayton, Ohio 45403-2459
Office:  937-258-9604
Fax:  937-258-2575
Our Plan Room is open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday-Friday
Dennis Schimpf, President
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John Schimpf, Vice President
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Kim Birdseye, CFO
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Tony Griffin, Controller/HR
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Jeff Kash, Project Manager
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Matt Hackney, PSS
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An Equal Opportunity Employer
R L Fender
362 Huffman Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45403-2459

Office:    937-258-9604
Fax:        937-258-2575
Fax:        937-258-9047